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Special multiple supplement for health and beauty
Revitalize your cells and achieve true beauty and health.

CELLESTHE is an overseas branded new product created to expand the highly popular WHITEX in Japan to overseas markets. We sincerely hope to bring this wonderful product to people around the world.

This product was developed to meet a wide range of health-related needs, such as beauty, improving physical strength, relieving fatigue, and preventing colds. The foundation of the product, WHITEX, is still highly praised by many of our customers, and its track record is proof of its persuasive power.

Of course, you may be asking, “Why is this supplement so effective?” 
 But it is backed up by science. We are convinced that it works well because it covers the basics factors of health and beauty, and is put the quality of the ingredients, the solid amounts, and the well-balanced distribution of ingredients.
The customer evaluations in Japan are proof of this. 

The reviews and reputations for WHITEX show that this product contributes greatly to their health and beauty. That is why we believe that we can replicate that success overseas to your satisfaction.
Our product CELLESTHE is a breakthrough product that is revolutionizing cellular aesthetics. 

The name CELLESTHE is a combination of CELL (cell) and ESTHETICS (aesthetics). It means eliminating waste from cells and promoting beautiful cells.
In modern life, it is well known that cellular health is directly related to beauty and health. For example, the accumulation of fat and deterioration of cell membranes can have a significant impact on beauty and health. Therefore, it is very important to keep cells in a healthy condition.

The importance of healthy cells is obvious. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent cell oxidation, moisturize the cells, provide proper nutrition, and provide balanced ingredients. CELLESTHE is a product that puts these basics into practice.

For this purpose, CELLESTHE contains sufficient amounts of carefully selected ingredients in the categories of (1) antioxidant ingredients, (2) moisturizing ingredients, (3) nutritional ingredients, (4) vitamins, and (5) minerals, all of which are necessary to keep cells in a healthy condition. These ingredients complement each other to maintain optimal cellular function.

And while many supplements are biased toward one or two specific ingredients, CELLESTHE is characterized by its comprehensive power of a balanced formula, the effects of which have been well proven by WHITEX. 

By taking CELLESTHE over a long period of time, you will realize that healthier cells contribute even more to your beauty and health.
That is why we are so confident in CELLESTHE. That is why, as a sign of our confidence, we are offering the product for only 10 days. This is because we are absolutely confident in the quality and effectiveness of our products.

Unlike other companies, we believe that once you try CELLESTHE, you will realize its effectiveness. Of course, we cannot guarantee 100% satisfaction, but we can assure you that it will contribute to a “life filled with health and beauty.

We believe that CELLESTHE will have a positive impact on your life. 

To that end, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.
 We are committed to sincerely answering your questions and ensuring that you feel comfortable using our products. 

CELLESTHE is committed to being your partner in your pursuit of beauty and health, and we promise to support you throughout your life.

.Wake up better in the morning 
・Sleep deeply
・Fatigue recovery
・Don't get drunk on alcohol
・Improves skin texture
・Skin becomes beautiful
・Nails become stronger
・Become less likely to catch a cold
・Gain physical strength
・Skin shines
・Stains become lighter
・Scars become less noticeable
・Acne scars become beautiful

■Directions for Use: 1 packet a day with 100ml water
■Amount per Service:  1.5g / packet   X  10 packets

Eggshell membrane powder, Grape fruit powder juice (Grape fruit extract juice, Dextrin), Collagen peptides, Maltodextrin, Hydrogenated maltose starch syrup, Grape seed extract (contains Proanthocyanidin), Swallow's nest extract powder, Salmon cartilage extract (contains chondroitin), Silk Powder,  Elastin peptide, High-Zinc Yeast, Maca powder, Ceramide (from Konjak root), Hyaluronic acid, Acidulant, Vitamin C, Haematococcus pluvialis (contains Astaxanthin), Vitamin B6, Food flavors, Vitamin E, Vitamin B2, Cyclodextrin, Sweetener ( Stevia, Sucralose, Acesulfame potassium), Tomato pigment (contains Lycopene), Biotin, Marigold (contains Lutein), Carotene.

● For Women 
● Sugar : Zero
● Calorie : Zero
● Taste: Grapefruit
● Shape: Granules
● Dose: 1 sachet (1.5g) / day
● Origin: Made in Japan