3set ELLest[Female hormone supplement]
3set ELLest[Female hormone supplement]
3set ELLest[Female hormone supplement]
3set ELLest[Female hormone supplement]
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3set ELLest[Female hormone supplement]

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This is a special Supplement for women, which is contained phytoestrogen to support their beauty and health. The female hormone (Estrogen) is so important for women’s life.

● Name:

Ellest (30 capsules / box)   (* 330 mg / Capsule)

● “Estrogen" is one of the female hormones secreted by the ovaries.

 And the amount secreted is about only one teaspoon during a woman's lifetime.It is so little amount.

Everyone knows well that one of its functions is to work as a hormone for pregnancy.Moreover, there are many other functions in it.

Concerning beauty, it enlarges the breasts and creates a beautiful body line. This is because the female hormone increases milk fat and mammary glands, improves blood circulation, and delivers nutrients to them.

Actually, many products in the world focus only on the breast augmentation effect.

However, this is only one item of many effects.

It also makes skin soft and moisture and hair luster and regulates a woman's menstrual cycle.

Ins short, “Estrogen" is the most essential and basic hormone for femininity, youth, and beauty. And there is no ingredient that is able to work as same as the female hormone.

Therefore, when this hormone is getting down, various problems will happen.

 For example:

Menstrual irregularities, irregular bleeding, infertility, breast dysplasia, dry skin, and

Hot flashes, hot flashes, abnormal sweating, palpitations, dizziness insomnia, anxiety, depression, poor memory, urinary incontinence, dyspareunia, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's disease, Menopause, arteriosclerosis, fatigue, back pain, stiff shoulders, sensitivity to cold

 Therefore, we must maintain a good estrogen level to spend a happy woman's life. This is very important not only in adulthood but also in middle age.

● Hormone secretion is reduced by severe dieting and stress.

 When you take much stress or did severe dieting, hormonal imbalance will occur.

In another case, especially after 45 years old, the secretion of female hormone production is getting down and down due to the aging of ovaries and the menstruation cycle will be disturbed and women will approach menopause.

 Then, the secretion of female hormones after 50 years old will be dropped down half in comparison with youth.

 So, it is so difficult to operate the body function well under this condition of shortage of the female hormone.

 Moreover, In the case of severe menopause syndrome, mental disorders may occur.

As long as you are a woman, you can’t escape this natural current. Because this is a natural happening.

 Therefore, it is necessary to control estrogen for women to go over this problem without worry,

 Estrogen is produced only from the body's ovaries. It can’t be supplied by the daily diet.

Therefore, it is necessary to get hormone medication from a hospital.  However, many women don’t want to take it due to its side effect.

But, you don't need to worry about this matter due to further study.

● What is phytoestrogen?

 There are some ingredients in the plant that have effects which is similar to Estrogen though their effect is not the same as Estrogen. These ingredients are called "Phytoestrogen"

But they can work just like Estrogen. Because their chemical formula is so similar to the formula of Estrogen.

 A particularly “isoflavone” is a well-known component. It is contained in soybeans.

The supplements with this ingredient are so popular in the world.

But, unfortunately, the power of isoflavone is not stronger than our expectation

 On the other hand, there is another plant (herb). This herb also contains a lot of isoflavones.

Its quantity is 40 times more than soybeans. Moreover, it has special ingredients.

This is ” Pueraria Mirifica”.  At present, it is getting attention from the professors of the world. And there are many of their research reports about this herb

● The characteristics of Pueraria Mirifica


 This herb is not only characterized by its high isoflavone content but also the other compounds (Deoxymiroestrol and Miroestrol as special ingredients). They are more active than isoflavone.

 The activity of Deoxymiroestrol is 1,000 times higher than isoflavone and the one of Miroestrol is 100 times higher than isoflavone.  These figures are unbelievable.

In short, it has high hormonal activity as a hormone.

 Therefore, this Pueraria Mirifica is so important item that in the early 2000s that the Thai government prohibited its exporting not to prevent it or overharvesting and also to keep its importance(value) in the medical area.

There are many kinds of Pueraria in the world. But these special ingredients (Deoxymiroestrol and Miroestrol) have not been found in the other Pueraria, but only in Pueraria Mirifica.

● Precautions when choosing Pueraria Mirifica products.

 ・Pueraria Mirifica has very special ingredients. However, It contains ingredients that are difficult to control their quality, so a high level of knowledge is required by the manufacturers and suppliers. Please try to choose a company you can trust.

 ・We have to warn that the consumers may not be satisfied with it even if they take it too much to achieve their dream.  It is impossible to give happiness to everyone due the individual differences.  The most important is to take the appropriate amount, not too much for your body.

 ******* This is not medicine but only supplement.  *******

 ・As Pueraria Mirifica has special ingredients, they are is treated as a special ingredient in Japan and there are strict restrictions.

 The dosage is set at up to 100 mg per day.

 Even if your cravings are strong, no further doses are necessary.

Because even if the ingredients are so attractive, we should not exceed limits when we use them.

 A small amount is enough for the consumers when the ingredients of the product are correct and of high quality. We can say this advice to at least our product

 The right actions will produce the right results.

● Quality Control

 The product is manufactured in a Japanese factory with GMP certification. The raw material of this product, Pueraria Mirifica, is subjected to four rounds of quality control and inspection, including analysis of special ingredients at the time of collection, importation, delivery to manufacturing, and at the finish of manufacturing. (The analysis of special ingredients in Pueraria Mirifica can only be done by a few inspection institutions in the world)

 This product--"Ellest" may be the only one manufactured under such strict control. The production of Pueraria Mirifica supplements needs much time and money for making a good product. Please keep in mind that this product is a big difference from ordinary ones due to the delicate ingredients in Pueraria Mirifica.

 In addition, since Pueraria ingredients are absorbed in the intestines, this product contains Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus to enhance absorption of Pueraria ingredients by regulating intestinal flora with the three technologies of probiotics, prebiotics, and probiogenics. This enhances the absorption of Pueraria ingredients. And they also support the strengthening of the immune system, so you can build a healthy body.


Pueraria Mirifica Powder, lactic acid bacteria fermented product, lactose, Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, cyclodextrin, sucrose fatty acid ester.

● For Women
● Sugar : Zero
● Calorie : Zero
● Shape: capsure
● Dose: 1 capsule (330mg) / day
● Origin: Made in Japan