GMP, which stands for Good Manufacturing Practice, is a guideline on the production control and quality control of products and raw materials.

 The reason why we use the GMP factory is due to the fact that Compliance with GMP is essential to ensure the safety and quality of products and raw materials.

In short saying, the manufacturing the product at the GMP factory can be assured the confidence and peace of mind of consumers in relation to health food

The safety of product is based on ISO9001 and the quality of the product is based on ISO 22000.


ISO means that International Organization for standardization. Their main activity is to set the standard. The standard set by them is called "ISO standard"

 It is an international standard. Its purpose is to let provide the same quality and same level all over the world for the services and products in order to facilitate the international transaction easily


ISO9001 is the world's most recognized Quality Management System (QMS) standard. Its aim is not only to make good product but also to manage the system for providing good product (or service)

 "Good products and services" are just "Products and services requested by the customers"

The suppliers aim the customer's satisfaction by their providing the good products and services,

 ISO 22000

"ISO22000" is a "food safety management system".

This standard is created for the purpose of providing safe food to consumers.

In recent years, we have much opportunities to eat imported foods.

ISO22000 allows us to maintain certain safety standards even if they are made in different countries.