We just only want to protect you, support you, help you and impress to your life.

After graduating from the university, I have engaged for the national Project of developing countries.
Since then, I have been invited by several companies to work on new projects to make them grow more.

And my last company was a pharmaceutical company.
We have developed new medicines and new businesses there. It was a great pleasure for me to have received high praise from all these companies.

In the last company, I was guaranteed a happy life. However, I had doubt about the difference between my thoughts and the pharmaceutical industry’s one.

I think that pharmaceutical business is a great one concerning to cure human illness. But I think that people don't want to get sick more than curing of illness by the medicine. That's why I decided to spend my life to preventive medicine from curing illness.

Therefore, I left the company and established Pure Medical in 1999.

Currently, there is little supplement of which power(distinction) is recognized well. The power of supplements is hardly trusted by consumers. That is why I wanted to develop the wonderful supplement like never before. and I tried to make it possible for everyone to expect and feel its power.

Through this achievement, I decided to contribute to preventive medicine.

My first product was a supplement for women's menopause. It was made from the ingredients of the plant only, not included the chemical ingredients and its purpose was to reduce menopause. This product was a great success in Japan for a long time and our company grew up. And after that, we started to develop and deal with cosmetics and medical devices.

We do develop the product by ourselves.
We never ask the development to the other companies.

It is why I can't trust and guarantee the effectiveness of the supplement unless the product is developed by myself. This thought is the same as my children.

Parents work so hard to make their children become a good person and spend a happy time in their life. Parents hope that their children can contribute to society. My heart to our supplements is the same too.

Concerning to our product, I expect a high reputation that there is no supplement which is better than one of Pure-Medical. Therefore, I will do my best to make high quality products and to provide enough satisfaction with the customers.

If I compare that their effectiveness with the pages of book, it shows that our supplement is posted on the 1 page back from the medicine's page.

And, throughout the history up to now, our products have been bought a high reputation by many customers.

I am always aiming for a product that is said to be genuine supplement and will continue to be loved by all of generations.

While developing the products, I always considered about the factors which caused happiness.

People don’t want to get sickness and want to be fine for forever.
This is so natural for human being.

However, do you think that you will be happy if there is no healthy person except you?

I am sure you will not feel happy absolutely.

Because, you can’t talk with your family or friends and can’t play with them.

If your family or friends aren't healthy, you will not be able to spend a good time even if you're fine. You will have to spend lonely and sad time for ever.

Therefore, happiness means that there is no mean for you at all even if only you are fine in the circumstance that the people surrounding you are not fine.

In other words, your happiness isn’t brought by only you, but by others.
We should not forget this important fact.

That's why I want people around me to be fine as well as me.
So, I'm working hard to develop and supply the excellent supplements to them.

I'm just only thinking of providing the best product with all of the people in the world.