What made me establish the company?

From a very young age, I liked to invent and build things. So when I was given a toy, I took it apart to find out "why does it work? My parents were often angry with me for this. I also liked to make plastic models. So when I grew up, I wanted to make something on my own and show it to the world.

After graduating from university, I worked in various fields (developing and establishing new business projects in energy resources, mineral water, small engines for bicycles and the new leisure industry). Lastly, I worked for a pharmaceutical company to develop new drugs.

The company's medicines were used in many hospitals and were much appreciated by doctors and patients. And they were famous all over the world. Seeing this made me feel very proud that many patients suffering from illnesses could use this medicine and recover their bodies as before. However, I thought that the most important thing that people want is to have a strong and healthy body, so that they do not get sick, although it is natural that they all want to get well as soon as possible.

Therefore, I have always thought that the development of preventive medicine, which aims to make the body less susceptible to disease, would make many people happier.

On the other hand, I was also very interested in "living".

The reason for this is that I learned about Hitler's persecution of the Jews. As everyone in the world knows, Hitler captured the Jews and isolated them in concentration camps. One by one, he sent them to the gas chambers and killed them repeatedly. In other words, it was obvious that the Jews in the concentration camps would be killed one day. But they were never informed of the date, and they were forced to work hard every day. If they fell ill, they received no treatment at all. For them, illness was the same as death. Even in this environment, they did not choose to commit suicide, but tried their best to survive.

The camps were dirty, smelly, cold and cramped with many people. They tried to survive, even though they were not well fed. So what made them do it? What was the driving force that gave them the strength to live in such terrible conditions? That's what I've always been thinking about.

If I had been in such a situation, I probably would have committed suicide.
But these people are extraordinary people because they tried to survive in that environment.

And the answer I came up with was "dreams".
I think they were able to live by having dreams.

You can make your own dream. And no one can destroy it. You are the only one who can destroy it.

They want to make today better. They appreciate the day. And I am sure that they wanted to make tomorrow better than today, and the future better than tomorrow. Of course, this is partly due to religious beliefs, such as "God-given life".

With this in mind, I wanted to do a job that would give people around the world "dreams and hopes" and that I could feel that every day.

So, I looked at my own life and realized that

1) I like to develop things.
2) I want to work in preventive medicine.
(3) I want to work to bring hope and excitement to people.
(4) I want to create a company with a few talented people.
(5) I want to create a company where employees feel that the company is enjoyable.
(6) I believe that if women were beautiful and healthy, there would be peace in the world.

These thoughts became stronger and stronger, and I finally quit my job and established Pure-Medical Co. Ltd. in May 1999. This company developed health foods and cosmetics, and launched its own brand products.

Company Philosophy in development of products:

1) Products must have clear differentiation.

 There are a lot of similar products in the market, and consumers are confused about which one to buy. In such a situation, products tend to be differentiated from other products by increasing the amount of ingredients or adding just a few other ingredients, to make the product look better than others.

This kind of low-level differentiation strategy eventually leads to a shift away from creating products that emphasize the " effectiveness of the product", which is what consumers are looking for, and instead leads to sales competition based on the use of a lot of advertising and promotional expressions to attract consumers' attention, or low-priced products.
However, our company does not develop such products that immediately lead to the creation of similar products and competition. Instead, we conduct thorough research on the basic causes of the market's problems and provide "genuine products" with a lean composition of ingredients, satisfactory quality and content amount.

2) Provide products that are not inferior to medicines and whose features can be recognized quickly.

Many of the products on the market do not have a solid function, and there are few products whose effects are immediately apparent after taking them. Therefore, consumers tend to think, "Is it better to drink than not to drink? and to continue taking products out of inertia. For this reason, and despite the fact that sales companies know that their products are not very effective, they try to make a profit by encouraging their customers to use them for a long time.

We are different.
We believe it is important to provide products that allow purchasers to quickly decide if the product is right for them. The sooner the purchasers can make a decision, the less time and money they will have to waste.

Therefore, we aim to develop products that can be experienced their effect in two to four weeks and that will surprise the purchasers.

3) High-level products that have been evaluated by experts around the world.

If you are a novice purchaser of a supplement, you can only evaluate the product as an individual. However, since supplements go into the body and are purchased by many people, an impartial evaluation of the product is important information for purchasing. The composition, content, quality of ingredients, and processing method of the product are very important to check. It is the scholars and experts who have the knowledge to analyze and judge such items.
Therefore, our goal is to develop products that are of high quality and can be highly evaluated by those people.

(4) The product should satisfy the purchasers more than what they paid for it.

Everyone is delighted when the product they buy gives them more than what they paid for. Every purchaser hopes that the product will solve his or her problems and give him or her dreams and hopes for the future.

Therefore, in order not to betray the expectations of the purchaser, we provide products that consumers can trust, benefit from, and feel secure in.